Tri-Planet Consultation

Tri-Planet Consultation

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Discover the planets that rule the layers of our being according to traditional alchemy!

What I need from you: Your name, date of birth, location of your birth, along with your e-mail address. Contact me so we can arrange a time and date that works for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have before ordering.

› Salt body ⇆ Physical body
› Mercury body ⇆ Energy body
› Sulfur body ⇆ Soul Body

Alchemy uses a holistic method to look at the individual layers of a being. This practice dates back to ancient Egypt and the deepest roots of the alchemical arts.

During your consultation I will be sharing with you the dominant planet of each layer of your body and we will use this insight to propel your physical and spiritual well being.
This alchemical blueprint can be used for physical and spiritual transformation and teaches us much about the nature of self.

At the end of our consultation, custom elixirs will be suggested for your specific needs.

You will receive a zoom recording of our consultation and a copy of the chart and notes.