What is a Spagyric?

We are often asked what is a spagyric elixir? 

The word spagyrics is derived from two Greek words that literally mean to draw out and divide, to gather to bind and to join. This explains the very essence of all alchemical works which separate, purify and recombine the materials we are extracting. In alchemy we believe this process leads to an increase of the healing potential of the material we are working with. The dynamic process of making spagyric extracts produces the only herbal supplements to formulate the plant's medicinal compounds, its mineral cell salts, and the celestial energies of the planets together in one compound.

Obtaining the mineral portion or the cell salts is done through the alchemical firings process. The presence of the plants very own cell salts safely nourish the body with minerals, while increasing absorption of the plants bio-available constituents by thirty times when compared to other herbal products.

Our Practices

Our Spagyric extracts and aromatics are created by following the traditional methods of our alchemical lineage.  We fashion our spagyrics and aromatics within laboratory glass in accordance with proper planetary timings.  This unique process captures and concentrates subtle celestial energies within the extract coalescing them into unparalleled herbal, mineral, and celestial essences.

All of our products are made with the highest quality raw materials, solvents, alkahest's for extraction and aim to create the best alchemical products available on the market today!  For further assurance we follow cGmp standards to create our unparalleled formulas.