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School of Clinical Alchemy

Clinical Alchemist Apprenticeship

Clinical Alchemist Apprenticeship

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We are proud to offer the only clinical alchemist training program in the world!

This comprehensive course is a holistic apprenticeship in the clinical application of traditional alchemy. We accept apprentices who are ready to dive deep into the ancient mysteries of this powerful healing modality.

Within the training you will receive the alchemical tools needed to assist people through illnesses and issues common to our modern age using the framework of planetary formulas made from the three kingdoms of nature.

During this course we unveil the cosmic undercurrents that hold sway over the human body, learning to see the connections within ourselves and our patients using planetary physiology and medical astrology. 

Live classes and lectures are rich and engaging and proceed at a pace that suits the needs of the apprentice. Personal time is given to each student to ensure they are understanding the material and developing a working understanding of the modality. Students will be required to complete all homework and exams to pass this course and receive a certification. 

As a clinical alchemist you will gain the ability to identify and transform the subtle and obvious expressions of our physiology through the interconnections of salt, sulfur, mercury, the three kingdoms of nature, the elements, and planets, planetary herbalism, including hundreds of natural ingredients and their effects upon the physical body, energy body, and spirit. This foundation provides graduates with a holistic array of alchemical formulas to work with in their practice. 

Your clinical training will also cover medical astrology and how the body relates to the heavens. Including Each planet's corresponding organ systems, body type, and karmic impressions. You will learn how to create several types of medical astrology charts for your patients and confidently integrate alchemical formulas for rebalancing their internal and external equilibrium.

Upon completion of the apprenticeship program graduates will be awarded certificates of completion recognizing them as Certified Clinical Alchemists. 

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