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Clinical Alchemy

Laboratory Alchemy Training

Laboratory Alchemy Training

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The star beings bestowed the theory and practice of Western Traditional alchemy to the Ancient Egyptians in the Temple of Life. They imparted their gifts to us so that we might heal ourselves, evolve beyond our limitations, and understand our relationship to nature. It has been transmitted from teacher to student for thousands of years. It is a living lineage that opens human beings up to the infinity of divinity and cultivates a relationship to nature that flows out from the source of all life.

It is not a school or institution structured with degrees; we would never put you in a box or have you put a square on your head. It is a spiritual science lineage that is not for everyone; we do not accept atheists or people of low character. 

Money is of no concern here; protecting the integrity of alchemy is. Thus, before paying for your training, you must book a consultation so we can assess whether nature has designated alchemy as a suitable life path for you. Once you have passed through this planetary evaluation process, you may book the course and schedule a time that works best for you to attend.

Students will need to find housing and transportation while learning. If they cannot attend in person, they may learn online via Zoom; however, they must purchase their laboratory equipment before beginning their training.

Today, true alchemy and its medicines are waking from a long slumber. You can be a part of this rebirth by learning to embody alchemy’s sacred theory and practice with us.

Course topics include:

Setting up a sacred laboratory

Rituals for developing a connection to the source and its manifestations. 

Harnessing the power of the planets.

Directing the spirit of the plant, animal, or mineral is being extracted.

Making Cell salts.

Identifying and obtaining the Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury in the three kingdoms of nature.

Use of laboratory equipment.

Students who complete the training will have the competence to make spagyrics and other alchemical medicines, including distillation, Axions, Majestries, and more.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you on your journey in the alchemical arts!

To begin the process, call or text us at 520-710-8084 or email us at

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