Spagyric Making Class

Spagyric Making Class

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This is a 1-week training where you will learn to function as a practicing alchemist and make spagyrics with us in person in our commercial laboratory in Tucson AZ. Students who are unable to attend in person may learn via zoom.

You may contact us anytime to schedule and book your class. Likewise, you may prebook the course anytime and then schedule a time that works best for you to attend. Students will need to find housing and transportation while attending.

Alchemy’s wisdom has been handed down from our furthest ancient past and persevered through a golden chain of alchemists that created and sustained the knowledge of alchemy before us. These wise spiritual beings created powerful natural medicines (spagyrics) which heal us on every level of our physical body and being.

Today true alchemy and its medicines are waking from a long slumber. You can be a part of this rebirth by learning to embody alchemy’s sacred theory and practice with us.

Course topics include:

Learning to function as a holistic alchemist. This is achieved through practices that activate and cultivate a deep personal connection and awareness of the mind-body-spirit of the universe (macro), through your mind, body, and spirit (micro).

Laboratory practices for imbibing every stage of the extraction process with the conscious spiritual power, of the planets, and the source of all things.

Understanding how and why we use planetary correspondence during the Spagyric making process.

Identifying Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury, and learning how to extract these constituents from the vegetable kingdom through dynamic elemental forces.

How to set up your alchemical laboratory, and the use of modern laboratory equipment. We will also teach you where to source your equipment.

Students will go home with the ability to competently make spagyrics on their own and a finished Spagyric that they made.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you on your journey in the alchemical arts!