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Clinical Alchemy

90 Minute health Consultation With a Clinical Alchemist

90 Minute health Consultation With a Clinical Alchemist

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We are the only clinical alchemists in the U.S.A. This is a rare opportunity to speak to a real alchemist and work one-on-one to receive powerful insight, guidance, and formulas for transforming any area of your health and life.

Our holistic healing modality views the entire being through the unique lens of traditional alchemy. We seek to harmonize your physical body, energy body, and karmic field through planetary formulas derived from nature's three kingdoms. We utilize the philosophical approach of salt, sulfur, mercury, and elemental realignment principles to balance your health and spiritual life. This profound process of unfoldment will unlock and open blockages internally and externally, allowing the shiny being within you to emerge. 

Some of our offerings include Dietary protocols, Spiritual and physical activations, Custom formulations, understanding your unique astrological makeup, and alchemical lifestyle practices.

Consultations are held in person and online via Zoom.

Booking a consultation is a simple process. Once you've made the decision, we'll promptly email you within 24 hours to arrange a time that suits you best. If you prefer a quicker response, feel free to call us at 520-710-8084.

We will also need your birth information (time, date, and birth location). 


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