90 Minute Consultation With a Clinical Alchemist

90 Minute Consultation With a Clinical Alchemist

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Peer deeply into your cosmic blueprint, through the wisdom of Alchemy’s Medical Astrology system.

What I need from you: Your name, date of birth, location of your birth, along with your e-mail address. Contact me so we can arrange a time and date that works for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have before ordering. 

We assess your physical, energetic, and karmic well-being from the placements of your birth chart.
This knowledge gives you the keys to unlock:

› health & longevity
› restore emotional balance & wellbeing
› spiritual elevation & expanded consciousness.

Alchemy views the whole being and seeks to harmonize not only your body but your energy and karmic field. During your consultation we go through your planetary astrology and use the information to create a custom healing protocol that includes dietary, lifestyle, and spiritual exercises to accelerate your personal growth and inner balance.

At the end of our consultation, custom elixirs will be suggested for your elemental body type.

You will receive an emailed recording of our zoom video, a copy of your planetary chart as well as links to other helpful material such as dietary and lifestyle practices.