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Clinical Alchemy

Clinical Alchemy Practitioner Training Level 1

Clinical Alchemy Practitioner Training Level 1

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Whether you are already an integrative practitioner or just beginning your journey into the healing arts this course will set you on the path to performing the Great Work as a true practicing Alchemist. 

During the course, we first travel through the ancient roots of the Alchemical Arts and learn to tune into the subtle currents of the universe and place our fingers on the pulse of the cosmos.

Step by step we add in the different lenses that alchemy uses to see the world through such as the Macro and Microcosmic fields of existence, medical astrology, etc.

Once this foundational knowledge has been laid we learn to utilize this knowledge by applying natural medicines and mystical practices to pacify, amplify, and harmonize these forces within ourselves and the lives of our clients. 

Alchemical medicines are specialized preparations such as spagyrics, axions, majestries, and waterworks. We will also give insight into how these traditional preparations are made. This includes an overview of the superior nature of spagyrics, highlighting the differences between spagyrics, tinctures, and other herbal extractions.

Further explorations include alchemical preparations of the gem and mineral kingdom including oil of gold, antimony, rubies, diamonds, and much more! 

Clinical Alchemy’s Practitioner Training consists of 21 individual live zoom lessons that take you through the guiding principles and application of the medicinal formulations unique to Traditional Alchemy.

Each live weekly lesson is 2-3 hours and has 5 hours of accompanying personal study lessons.

This course prepares you to understand and apply alchemy to your life and healing practices. 

Lesson 1

Lesson one takes us through Alchemy’s powerful history and its magical winding journey through time. Starting in the temples of ancient Egypt, moving through the Middle East and into Europe learning how the art changed with the great alchemist who helped expand its evolution. We will also look at the other schools of alchemy from India and China. Examining how they are linked by the core energies and concepts that permeate the traditions. 

Lesson 2

In this lesson, we dive into the hermetic principles of western alchemy by exploring the universal principles of creation. This will include some of the concepts from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the 64 Neters of the Egyptian Pantheon, the Eye of Ra, and how that relates to ancient alchemical medicine and the modern Rx. We will also look at the Ba, Ka, and sheaths of the body, and dive deep into the philosophical principles of Salt, Mercury, and Sulfur and the three kingdoms of nature. This will give us the first lenses to look at any substance or sentient/Devic beings of nature. 

Lesson 3 

This Lesson peers into the fabric of the Elements, and teaches you how to observe each element's qualities and tendencies within the kingdoms of nature (plant, mineral, and animal). This is a key component of our work and is crucial to creating a spiritual relationship with the Elemental Beings. These Mysteries can be contemplated throughout life and will always share deeper wisdom upon continual meditation. During this lesson, we will study ancient diagrams that separate the elements from the original primordial energy. This point of view draws from eastern and western Hermetic traditions. 

This will guide us through the influences of the elements, upon the composition or elemental body types, and how to practically apply this ancient knowledge for health and wellness. Including Elemental body type analysis, healthy food and lifestyle choices for each elemental type. 

Lesson 4

Lesson four guides us through the procession of the equinoxes and the wheel of the year. This teaches us to live in harmony within the natural cycles and changes the earth goes through during its yearly journey around the Sun. 

Here we introduce the influential core energies of the zodiac and how the ancient wisdom keepers used these times to key into the heavenly energies radiating down from each constellation. We will cover some specific alchemical works done by season, and sacred living practices done by yearly and daily cycles. During this lesson, we will also look at ancient time-keeping methods, planetary days, hours, and how this is applied in the creation and application of alchemical medicines, or rituals and healing practices. 

Lesson 5 

This portion familiarizes us with the unique formulas used in alchemical medicine and the history and application of its specialized preparations. From spagyrics to the philosophers stone this intriguing lesson will help you understand the various formulas such as spagyrics, axions, majestries, and waterworks. We will also give insight into how these traditional preparations are made. This includes an overview of the superior nature of spagyrics, highlighting the differences between them and tinctures, and other herbal preparations. Further explorations include alchemical preparations of gem and minerals such as oil or gold, antimony, rubies, diamonds, and much more!  We will also cover Bhasma medicines of Indian Rasa Shastra tradition and their therapeutic uses.  This lesson will give you insight as to how Alchemical medicines are applied and why they are so different from natural medicines found on the market today. We will also look at the dynamic role alchemy has played in the development of modern pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfume, aromatherapy, etc. 

Lesson 6-19

Lessons 6-19 cover the planets and will have a similar flow to how they are structured. With the first planet lesson, we will observe the nature of the planet's mind and its unique signature upon all life, exploring each planet as a sentient being. During these lessons we unveil the cosmic undercurrents that hold sway over the human body, learning to see the connections within ourselves and our patients using planetary physiology and medical astrology. 

During the second lesson for each planet, we lead you through practical ways to use alchemical medicines, herbs, and lifestyle practices to harmonize planetary energies with the corresponding organ systems. We will draw upon a rich Materia Medica from across the globe including plant, animal, and mineral, medicines for each planet. 

I will share breathing exercises, meditations, and other ancient healing practices to balance the currents of planetary forces. Each lesson will empower you to confidently evaluate planetary energies and apply their medicines for the rebalancing of your client's homeostasis.

Lesson 20

In this lesson we learn to apply all knowledge from the previous classes, to create our first alchemical astrology chart. We will create a Hermetic chart for the Salt, Mercury, and Sulfur components of the body giving each placement a planet ruler. This chart is simple yet profoundly accurate and can bring deep insight into the body and consciousness of your clients. 

Lesson 21

In lesson 21 we will be creating a chart for our fifty-two day planet cycles that divide the year into seven planet phases. Putting our finger on the rhythmic pulse of the planets as they move through your unique planetary physiology. This chart empowers profound healing by focusing on each planet for 52 days thereby developing a personal relationship with those subtle energies. Further, we learn to synergistically apply planetary spagyrics to achieve holistic wellness while developing practical awareness of our interconnectedness to the universe. 

The Clinical Alchemy Practitioner Training will help you to use the true gifts of alchemy in your daily living, spiritual life, and healing practice. I’m honored to share this sacred knowledge and connect us together on the golden alchemical chain.

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Classes begin January 6th 2022 3:30 PST

Recordings of classes can be sent if you are unable to attend.

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